Enjoy a Good Sparkling White Wine With The Right Glassware

Enjoy a Good Sparkling White Wine With The Right Glassware

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If you think that sparkling white wines only refer to champagne, think again. Sparkling wines are simply wines which contain higher level of carbon dioxide making these fizzy and bubbly. These are usually white wines like the chardonnay pinot, Espumante which are produced in Portugal, Cava from Spain, and Spumante which are produced in Italy among others. To accompany these brilliant sparkling wines you need champagne glasses – champagne flutes, champagne saucers or coupe champagne glasses.

There are several methods of increasing the level of carbon dioxide in wine. These can be through natural fermentation in a bottle or large wine tanks, and through carbon dioxide injection. Although there are different types of sparkling white wines produced all over the world, champagne is probably considered as the most popular and comes from the Champagne region of France. Other sparkling wine producing countries include Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, United States and Australia. As already mentioned earlier, Spain produces the sparkling white wine called Cava which generally comes from the region of Catalonia. On the other hand some of the most famous regions in Italy which produces sparkling wines include Piedmont, where Asti Sparkling white wines are produced, Lombardy, Emilia, and Veneto. The United States also produces white wines mostly coming from California including the Pinot blanc varieties and Chardonnay.

Sparkling white wines should be consumed at least within a year from purchase. This is because such types of wines do not improve in quality with age. Often associated with parties and celebrations, these types of wines can be paired deliciously with different types of food including poultry, seafood, and sushi. Sparkling white wine should be served cool in order to bring out its flavour and the bubbles can gracefully dance their way up the long champagne glass. Sparkling wine and champagne should be served at 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) for better taste and appreciation.

The taste of any wine (sparkling or not) is largely affected by the type of glass you use. It is a fact that good wine tastes even better when you use a good wine glass appropriate for the type of wine you are drinking. The wine’s aroma and flavour are best appreciated when you use a good champagne glass specifically designed to enhance a sparkling wine’s complex qualities. A good sparkling white wine glass should hold approximately between 8 and 12 ounces of wine. It should have a taller bowl and a narrow rim. The shape and height of the glass will help keep the bubbles stay longer and not overflow. Additionally, this will also keep the wine cool. The most popular champagne glasses used today are champagne flutes, tulip glasses or champagne coupe glasses. There are also sparkling white wines like the Sauternes which are best served using a wider glass rim with a more tapered bottom.

Finally, entertain your guest with a good sparkling white wine served in elegant champagne glassware. Whether celebrating an important occasion or just relaxing at home, a good wine is always a delight for any wine lover. Enhance your sparkling wine experience with a glass that helps bring the true and good qualities of your favourite white wine. Pamper yourself with a glass of cool sparkling white wine today. Treat yourself and you friends to the perfect champagne glasses to go with your best champagnes and sparkling wines.