4 Things You Don’t Know About Crystal Champagne

4 Things You Don’t Know About Crystal Champagne

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A true contemporary symbolization of lavishness, crystal champagne is one of the most refined brands of champagne in the world. Probably you not only learned about it but you might have had the favor of tasting it; either ways, in the following paragraphs we’ll write about what makes crystal champagne so special and so treasured.

1. It all began in 1876, as the first prestige cuvee in the entire world. For many years it was the most expensive champagne out there. It’s a wonderful vintage made by Louis Roederer at the request of the Tsar of Russia. Cristal is one of the innovator brands of genuine champagne. For nearly 100 years it was made for private consumers, and it became commercially available only in 1945.

2. The name origins. In the beginning, the Russian Tsar Alexander II ordered the production of champagne for the noble family. Roederer was shipping the transport regularly, but the political situation became very sensitive in Russia at that time, so Alexander feared he would get murdered. He asked Louis to send him champagne using transparent bottles, so he can watch inside in case his enemies would hide explosive in one of the bottles. Louis did what the Tsar requested and since that time, he only used lead crystal bottles for his noble drink. His unique bottles have flat bottom and have a certain brilliance which inspired the name of the champagne as it is nowadays.

3. The uniqueness of a crystal champagne bottle is not just the flat bottom and the crystal lead, it also comes with the anti-UV wrapper and the golden label. It’s perhaps one of the luxury champagnes most of us don’t buy too often but the fact that it has a high price actually grew the demand for it. The connoisseurs drink it using the proper flutes. They use crystal champagne glasses which makes it look even more glorious and bright.

4. The hip-hopers love it. In the celebrity world, Crystal champagne is an authentic symbol. It tells about lavishness and abundance. Crystal champagne is now a custom in the gangsta culture and the underworld. The phenomenon is explained because most rappers come from a poor childhood and as they succeeded, they feel the need to cover themselves in bling, and everything that shines like gold. Crystal champagne is golden and brilliant, that’s part of the reason it became one of their symbols, because it’s the gold of champagnes.

Don’t forget that each time you need to know more about crystal champagne you can always return to this article. And if you have the chance to serve this luxury beverage, pick out crystal champagne glasses to savor it, it will make you enjoy it even more. If we discuss about the crystal champagne price, yes it’s a high price, that’s one of the reasons it’s so wonderful.